The ocean of energy around us

Space is not empty. The sun constantly emit enormous radiant energy into space. The sun is the
There are also and space debris float which are constantly bombard by radiant particles.
Just at the outskirt of our atmosphere, the air molecules are fried by the solar radiation, creating a mass of ions hundreds of kilometers outward. It is proven when a rocket tailed by a 2km conductor developed high voltage potential, before burning off from the radiant energy as it is pulled by the rocket towards space.
If a high voltage is at the top level of the atmosphere, then the middle portion between the top and the Earth ground must be acting like a capacitor.
Any conductor laid perpendicular to ground must develop a voltage proportional to the height of the cable and the voltage at the top to ground.
The crystal detector radio connected to the antenna system can pick up all sorts of alternating current running in this antenna. Specific frequency can be detected by using a diode and listening to the signal detected.
this high frequency current can be amplified by transformer. This set up is the standard way of getting energy from the atmosphere used by radio stations.

The other source of power is the earth.
The earth is rich in biological chemicals that is used as fuel. In addition, the earth with water interact with biological beings which breaks down chemical into ions and directly combustible elements. It is battery with magnet at the center.
the magnetic field generated by the earth interact with the radiant energy from the sun creating a shielding effect to prevent total burn of life on earth.
The magnetic field vary at various points and is mapped with north south poles.

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